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#9 Mark A. Miller

Grand Stock

Mark Miller is following a passion and dream to succeed as a Grand Stock driver.

He has been involved in racing for over 13 years.

After extensive years of competition in this division, his ultimate goal is to become track champion.

His sheer determination has driven him to meet the exciting and demanding challenges of this sport.

He has received numerous awards and surpassed all with his numerous wins and top five finishes.

This has propelled his career to a new level of racing challenges and skills.

His career has earned him the mark as a tough competitor in the NASCAR circuit.

In the 2002 season, Mark demonstrated his strong racing ability by finishing 3rd in the overall point standings at Old Dominion Speedway.

Mark Miller, or as we know him,“Fireball Miller” is most appreciative for the valuable support from his wife and family.

He also extends his gratitude to the fans for giving him the opportunity to drive and to his pit crew for their hard work and loyal support, for without them, his dream would not have become a reality.

A special thanks to Kevin A. McGrail for all his hard work, and dedication. With out his help and support this site would not have been possible.

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